Lightweight 3D modeling and simulation framework

easy modeling of space, planets, satellites... whatever.
in the browser. no plugins.

Lightweight, Full 3D Modeling & Simulation Framework
Runs in modern browsers without plugins
Focuses on ease of development, deploymet and use
Pure Javascript API to easily incorporate your data

Rich 3D features (zoom, rotate, selction)
3D Models for Space/Ground objects
Orbit lines, ground tracks, footprint projections
Metadata correlation between objects
Load data from any data source
Time controls to move objects (orbits, points, etc)
Earth, Moon and Sun modeling

Simple API
Callbacks to allow customizations
"Earth Extensions" provide Earth-based propogators
Retrieve any object by ID for maniupation
See how easy it is...

Supported Browsers

universe.js works everywhere WebGL does

Want to know if your browser supports WebGL?
Check out